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A Hebridean wildlife and landscape sketchbook

Written and illustrated by Philip Snow

ISBN 9781904353102

128 pages


Postage on this book 1.50 UK

Over 250 watercolours and sketches.

From the cliffs of the Butt of Lewis to the granite outpost of Ailsa Craig, Philip Snow has captured in his stunning watercolours the whole coastline of the Hebrides. His studies of birds are the product of a lifetime of observation in the field.  Most of his pictures come with field notes and anecdotes that transport the reader to the world of soaring eagles and rasping corncrakes. No other book has presented the rich wildlife of the islands so intimately and with such skill.


Walking in North Mull  Walking in North Mull is a guidebook to walks in the northern part of the Isle of Mull. There are 24 walks, including Ben More, described in the book and it is illustrated with line drawings, maps and black and white photographs. 

Authors: Olive Brown and Jean Whittaker

ISBN: 9781904353096
10th edition revised and expanded 2014
48 pages 

Walking in South Mull and Iona is the companion guidebook to "Walking in North Mull". It lists 24 walks, including the famous Carsaig Arches, shown on the cover. Again, the book is well illustrated with maps, line drawings and photographs. 

Authors: Olive Brown and Jean Whittaker

ISBN: 97819043530655
8th Edition
Revised and updated 2010
52 pages

Walking the Mull Hills is a guide to all the hills on Mull over 500 feet as listed by Munro, Corbett, Graham and Dawson.  With photographs in colour and black and white and centre map.

Author: Hamish Brown

ISBN 9781904353157
Published 2011
44 pages
The story of Lachlan Macquarie (1746 - 1824), "Father of Australia", from his boyhood on the Isle of Ulva to his success as Governor of New South Wales, including a guide to the places on Ulva and Mull most associated with him and his family.
48 pages, 3 maps,
20 black and white illustrations,
8 colour illustrations.

Author: Fiona Marsden 
ISBN:  9780953277575
Published 2001
48 pages

A Treasure Lost follows the fortunes of the ship San Juan Bautista which was commandeered for the Spanish Armada in Sicily, took a notable part in the Battle of Gravelines in 1588 and retreated north round Scotland. She finally took refuge in Tobermory Bay where she was blown up and sunk, starting a 400 year treasure hunt. 

Authors: Olive Brown and Jean Whittaker
ISBN: 9780953277506
Published 2000
28 pages, illustrated

Mull:: Monuments and History is an excursion guide to the archaeology and history of the Isle of Mull. Illustrated with maps, diagrams and photographs. 

Author: Jean Whittaker
ISBN: 9780952842842
New updated edition
36 pages

The Wildlife of Mull and how to find it.

A guide to how, where and when to see the wildlife on the island of Mull, whether you are exploring by car or on foot.

Illustrated on every page with line drawings.

Authors: Jay Butler and Anna Levin
ISBN: 9780953277520
32 pages

Was it a Whale?  An identification guide to the marine mammals of the Hebrides. With map, 36 illustrations and identification notes. A glimpse of fin or tail - was it a whale or a dolphin? Two experts help you identify each species. Includes a list of shore sites for whale watching. 

Authors: Jay Butler and Anna Levin
ISBN: 9781904353126
New expanded edition 2008
32 pages



Birdwatching on Mull and Iona - a pocket guide with maps.  With 11 illustrated maps and 21 black and white drawings, this guide will take you to the best birdwatching places on Mull and Iona, and the surrounding waters.  You will know where to find the famous white-tailed sea eagles and learn how to tell the difference between an eagle and a buzzard.

Author: David Sexton                                  Illustrations: Philip Snow

ISBN 9781904353140                                   Published 2011

40 pages                                                4.95

Wildflower Walks on Mull  Wildflower Walks on Mull - a pocket guide to 16 walks over varied terrain.  Line drawings of plants and habitats with centre map.  Instead of looking up to the sky for eagles, or out to sea for whales and dolphins, look down to see some interesting flowers, some quite rare.
Indexdand bibliography

Author: Lynne Farrell 
Illustrations: Lynne Farrell

ISBN 9781904353188
Published 2014
40 pages
Night on Ben Talaidh  The story of the wartime RAF plane which crashed on Ben Talaidh, Isle of Mull, and the dramatic rescue of the survivors on a dark and snowy night.  Contains previously unpublished photographs.

Author: Eunice Wilson

ISBN:9781904353058                                      Published 2004  

32 pages                                                      3.95                                                     

       Through the year withh St. Columba
A Celtic prayer book for each week of the year. Illustrated. Small size to keep in your pocket or on your desk. 

Authors: Traditional and others
ISBN: 9780952842866
Published 1997
60 pages, 9 cm x 10 cm size

Traditionall Tales of Mull. Another selection of tales from Mull's best storyteller. Contains map and line drawings by artist Pat James. 

Author: Peter Macnab
ISBN: 9780952842873
Published 1998                                             Reprinted 2010
48 pages

Mull Family Names is a book for ancestor hunters. A source book for genealogists. Illustrated with map (showing all the places mentioned in the text) and line drawings. The fifty surnames most common in Mull in the 18th and early 19th centuries - the time when most emigrants left the islands. Is your family here? 

Author: Jo Currie
ISBN: 9780952842880
Published 1998
60 pages                                                      4.95 

MacLeans: A Biographical Dictionary of Mull People, mainly in the 18th and 19th centuries. Essential reference book for family history. 

Author: Jo Currie
ISBN: 9781904353003
Published 2002
66 pages,   Map of place names 


Glen More - a drive through history

Two Mull authors combine their writing and artistic talents to take you through Glen More. - the history, legends, wildlife and flowers. 

Authors: Jackie Le May and Joanna Gardner
ISBN: 9780953277568
Published 2001, reprinted regularly


Altera Merces

Transcriptions of the gravestones in Pennygown, Gruline, Knock and Cill an Alein burial grounds on the Isle of Mull.Transcriptions of the gravestones in Pennygown, Gruline, Knock and Cill an Alein burial grounds on the Isle of Mull.

ISBN 9781904353027

  Gus am Bris an La

A second volume of transcriptions - the gravestones in the burial grounds of Kilninian, Kilmore, Calgary, Ulva and Gometra in north of Mull.

ISBN 9781904353089                              4.95



William Nicolson and the making of Scottish History.

Based on unpublished correspondence, this describes Nicolson's visits to Scotland in 1699 and 1701 in search of source material for a book on Scottish history.

Author: E. Jean Whittaker                      ISBN 9781850722748                                          7.99                                               Published in partnership with Sessions of York


A History of Kilmore Church

The history of Kilmore Church in Dervaig, Isle of Mull from its earliest days to the recent extensive restoration.  Illustrated with maps and photographs.

Author: Hilary M. Peel                           ISBN 1 904353 07 X                                 72 pages                                               9.99



Bear's Adventure  -  a colourful story for young children about a bear who gets left behind on the seashore and has an unexpected adventure.

Author: Benedict Blathwayt

ISBN:9780956253002                                         36pages                                                               Full colour                                     



Sgeul no Dha. (A Story or Two). A bilingual story book for fluent Gaelic speakers or learners of all ages. 

Authors: Tobermory High School pupils, using traditional folk tales
ISBN: 9780953277537
Published 1999
24 pages


A Taste of Mull by Ian McAdam

ISBN 9780953277599
44 pages   Illustrations by Derek Ruegg 
Published 2002                                            4.95

A selection of recipes from one of Mull’s top chefs, using the finest fresh produce from the island.

Two Bikes and a Camera
in the Highlands

From the diaries of Stella Malcolm and Jack Henderson as they made a 600 mile tour of the Scottish highlands in 1901.

Edited by Jean Whittaker                   Photographs by Stella Malcolm                   24 pages

ISBN 1 904353 03 7           4.95


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